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Hi there πŸ‘‹

  • I'm interested in Elixir, JS(TS) and Python projects. I follow Go and Rust, although not working with them.
  • I mostly work with Elixir on the backend and Angular on the frontend. I use Docker🐳 to develop and deploy all my projects.
  • ⚑ I play πŸ€ when there is no 🦠. I code both professionally and for fun.
  • 😷 I prefer to wear a mask even when not required.
  • πŸ’¬ I speak Mandarin Chinese and English.
  • πŸ“« How to reach me: chenpaul914@GπŸ“§
πŸ•ŠοΈ World Peace ✌️


Elixir programming language logoElixir

My favourite programming language so far. It is so versatile, robust and elegant.

Angular framework logoAngular

My favourite frontend framework. Battle tested and still innovating.

TypeScript logoTypescript

Type safety allows me to aggressively refactor code without worrying about things breaking randomly.

Docker logoDocker

Great for both development and deployment. Fatanstic tool to know.

Python programming language logoPython

Swiss army knife. Pull it out to quickly solve any kind of random problems.


More than just a DSL. It captures the way of thinking in data.

Contribution Activity

  • Firezone logo Apr 2022 - Sept 2022

    Software Engineer Contractor @ Firezone

    • Elixir
    • Phoenix
    • JS
    • Docker
    • Bash
    • GitHub CI/CD
  • 🏒 Oct 2016 - Now

    Founder / Developer @ Prime Mind Digital

    • Elixir
    • Phoenix
    • TS
    • Angular
    • Docker
    • GitHub CI/CD
  • πŸ’» Oct 2015 - Sept 2016

    Free lancing Web Developer

  • Zendesk logo Dec 2013 - Sept 2015

    Software Enginner @ Zendesk

    • Ruby
    • Rails
    • JS
    • CSS
    • Bash